Journalist Cancer Control Advocate Award


This is an annual award and recognition initiative launched by BWS in 2014 for cancer control advocacy among Nigerian journalists. The debut edition was held in Lagos on June 13th, 2014. Subsequent awards will be given annually on February 4th during the World Cancer Day Youth Jamboree.


The award category is targeted at journalists, presenters, producers, reporters, media organizations and other media specialists in print, electronic and new age media in Nigeria


This is intended to reward the aforementioned group of people who have, through their work, shown tremendous commitment to advocacy around cancer control issues such as awareness campaigns on prevention/early detection/treatment, cancer survivorship, lifestyle changes required to cut risks to cancer, and any publication that increases public awareness of all forms of cancers by covering and reporting on cancer control events, cancer-oriented projects civil organizations and the likes. 


Nomination for the award is by filling a nomination form through the BWS website. Individuals can nominate themselves or other journalists for this award by submitting a 1-year evidence/ portfolio of reports they have covered in their media houses bothering on the issue of cancer. This could be various newspaper strips, 1-minutes clips of each interview of cancer stakeholders, cancer-oriented events covered and/or report they have made on the subject. The scanned copies and/or 1-minute videos/audio of each report are to be forwarded to BWS for which receipt of nomination will be acknowledged within 2 working days.


Three winners will emerge- 1 from print media, 1 from Television and 1 from Radio.

The three media organizations each of the award winners are affiliated with will also receive prizes.

Criteria for selecting winners will include, but not limited to:

Number of publications on cancer or cancer risk factors

Number of cancer control advocates/stakeholders/cancer-oriented NGOs interviewed or reported on

Number of cancer control/awareness events reported on

General evaluation of the journalist’s commitment to cancer control.


These entries will be reviewed by an independent panel of judges. Judges include renowned medical, media and legal practitioners in Nigeria.


Each of the three winners will receive:

A plaque of recognition

A tablet

Free comprehensive health screening

Printer/Water dispenser/Laptop for the affiliated organizations of each award winner

These prizes will be presented to the winners annually at the World Cancer Day Youth Jamboree.


  • Fill the nomination form
  • Mail us ALL scanned copies/pages of personal articles on the topics that fit into the aforementioned criteria you have published in your affiliated media organization. (Kindly highlight specific article on page)
  • Receive acknowledgement that nomination has been received from BWS within 2 working days


  • Fill the nomination form
  • Send us 1-minute audio/video clips each of your personal records that you believe fit into the aforementioned criteria
  • Receive acknowledgement that nomination has been received from BWS within 2 working days

Please note that all submissions must acknowledge the submitted names of the nominees to be counted towards that particular nominee.