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Volunteering with BWS is simply an act of selfless activity intended to promote good or improved quality of life for human being.  A small amount of your time can make a huge difference in someone else’s life. To be a volunteer with BWS, you do not have to have a medical background.  You do not even have to know how to spell the word ‘C-A-N-C-E-R’.  All that is required is your genuine passion for the cancer prevention, advocacy and your abilities (after all, we’ve all got one).  As a volunteer with BWS, you’ll in one way or the other be giving your time, skills, energy or possessions with no expectation of any compensation or benefits, either directly or indirectly. Volunteering with BWS not only gives you a sense of self-worth, achievement and respect as an individual focusing on your moral obligation, it also is an avenue to develop your skills, meet people with like passion, socialize and have fun.

Below are some of the categories of BWS volunteering groups you can join:

Skill-based Volunteering- This is basically you bringing forward your specialized skills, talents and inherent gifts to strengthen existing or new initiatives by BWS to build and sustain our objectives. Sometimes, we might need to help develop such inherent skills of yours to improve the outcomes of particular projects.  Skilled-based volunteering for example, could just mean drawing a pictures of breast self examination for community outreaches, singing during a fund-raise event, or even directing traffic during a cancer awareness walk-a-thon.

 Online or e-volunteering– You assist us to complete tasks, in whole or in part virtually. This might require you to use internet, computer, PDA or smartphone.  You might also need to have a valid e-mail address to be able to do this.  Online volunteering for example could just mean editing a project report, following up on a patient or even feeding information onto our social media platforms.

 Outreach Volunteering– This involves accompanying screening/advocacy team to community outreaches to assist with logistics as the need arises. This might mean you’d have to have a part-time job or be available on some weekends. Outreach volunteering for example, could simply mean teaching a group of students how to conduct breast-self examination, assisting to set up projector for presentation or organizing and registering individuals during health screening.

Please contact us and we will respond within 2 working days.