Our Advocacy Efforts

 To us in BWS, advocacy simply means ‘working on behalf of someone’…. We are working to reduce late presentation of cancers in Nigeria, we are working to ensure that Nigeria’s non-communicable diseases burden is reduced. We are also working to ensure that policies that encourage prevention and early detection of cancers and other non-communicable diseases with share risk factors are implemented in Nigeria.

We are aware that we might not have the means to do everything all of the time. However, we are convinced that we can deploy some of the limited resources at our disposal to do ‘some of the things some of the time’ with the limited resources at our disposal.  As advocates, we serve as support structure in the following areas:

Educational Advocacy-Providing cancer, health-related information and education to individuals, patients, family, partnering organizations and lay public using diverse media:

  • Face-to-face
  • Health fairs, Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials
  • Electronically including via social media, e-mails, websites
  • Churches, Mosques, Schools, Social events, Family reunions

Community Outreach Advocacy- This is community centred and community-centric advocacy. We direct efforts at a bi-directional dialogue with targeted communities to:

  • Assess and meet their health needs for screening and prevention of cancer and other non-communicable diseases.

Support Advocacy– We provide support to newly diagnosed patients, cancer survivors, families and caregivers.

  • Patient navigation-Assisting to guide patients’ journey through cancer and overcome bureaucracy in assessing health care services promptly, provide prompt access to information, how to assess health specialists and funds.
  • Physical -transportation
  •  Emotional- Support group, counselling
  • Healthy lifestyle- Nutritional advice

Political Advocacy- Lobbying to impact public policy at all Local, State and National levels of Government.

  • Free non-communicble diseases screening coverage
  • Increased funding for cancer prevention and treatment
  • Increased funding to make National data and statistics available
  • Mobile Mammography screening services
  • Increased commitment to pass the National anti-tobacco bill in Nigeria