The 4by4 plus is an initiative of Breast Without Spot (BWS) which aims to encourage among Nigerians, an annual comprehensive health screening for the 4 Non-communicable Diseases (Cancer, Diabetes, Chronic lung diseases and Heart diseases) with 4 shared risk factors as declared by the World Health Organization (WHO).* The comprehensive health screening under the 4by4 plus also includes screening for other Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) that are not part of the WHO’s 4 by 4 but are also diseases of public health importance.


According to WHO, in 2008, an estimated 36 million of the 57 million global deaths were due to non-communicable diseases, principally cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes and that nearly 80 per cent of those deaths occurred in developing countries.*

According to WHO, these diseases are preventable. Up to 80% of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes and over a third of cancers could be prevented.*

WHO recognizes that prevention must be the cornerstone of the global response to non-communicable diseases. **

Unless addressed, the mortality and disease burden from these health problems will continue to increase. WHO projects that globally, NCD deaths will increase by 17% over the next ten years. The greatest increase will be seen in the African region (27%) and the Eastern Mediterranean region (25%).*

Based on these statistics, the 4by4 plus concept by BWS seeks to encourage Nigerians to embrace the concept of an annual comprehensive health screening in order to reduce preventable deaths due to NCDs.


BWS has identified credible diagnostic centres across Nigeria and has negotiated a 5% discount on comprehensive health screening for ONLY individuals referred under the 4by4 plus initiative depending on their age, gender and family history.

*WHO 2008.  2008-2013 Action Plan for the Global Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases.

** United Nations General Assembly draft resolution submitted by the President of the General Assembly Political declaration of the High-level Meeting of the General Assembly on the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases. 16 September 2011

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